Tuesday, January 25, 2011

joy of a growing life; sorrow for the loss of a life

Do you remember me talking to you about Susanna who was new at OLA?
Her mom had gone crazy and she was taken from her so she could live a more "normal" life for a four year old.

I am excited to say that she is growing and laughing and learning and becoming more childlike than I have ever seen her. We have had a couple of teams come through who have shown her amazing unconditional, Christlike love and we, as a staff have tried to consistently tend to her and pray for her.

When my mom and I went Monday morning, she came running up offering HUGE hugs to anyone who was willing to accept them (which we all were, just in case you were wondering). Sami gave her a little butterfly mask and she was so precious walking around with it on (the photo above is her in the mask).

On a sadder note, do you remember baby Joseph? He came over from the hospital side about the same time as Susanna was brought in. He passed away a few weeks ago now. His strength did not endure time and His Creator saw it fit that they see each other face to face. I am so grateful for all of you who prayed for his little body. We were hopeful for what was to come, and I guess in the end, we are eternally aware of his "better home".

The nurses fed him one morning and laid him down for a nap. When they returned to wake him up from his nap, he had passed away. We are not real certain of what exactly took place, but we do know that his burial was that of an orphan. No one came from his "family", but the Sisters prayed over him and sent the body away to be buried. It was during the crisis so none of us were able to attend, but I was reminded at the end of his short-lived life, that baby Joseph had nothing to brag about in this world, not even a biological family, but I am very CERTAIN that none of that matters now. I think I need to sit on this thought for my own life. He only leaves behind those of us he touched. AND, he touched my life. I am thankful that I was able to know him.

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  1. I sure do miss Susannah and all of the children that we were able to love on. Thanks for undating us on her progress. She is special. I will never forget those faces and I will pray for God to send them more people to show them how much they are cared for.