Thursday, January 27, 2011

new definition of a "meat market"

I know I have shown you a similar picture before about where I purchase our minced beef, but when I went yesterday the man really tried to get me to buy the tail.

Do you see it, up above? Gross..... He promised me that I would love the flavor it makes in a soup. When I got to the stand he asked, "Mrs. Corrie?" I knew at that moment, I was in trouble. Anyway, I didn't buy it, but I did like the photo. Maybe I should learn to live a little, huh? I could have bought the hooves right next to the tail as well. Ughh.....

Enjoy your food today!


  1. I am very disappointed that you did not buy that tail... You should eat it just once before you leave Africa. How fun would that be?


  2. We just shared purchasing a cow (the meat...) with some people, and my mom wanted the tongue. It grossed me out just to see it! I made her promise not to prepare it when we came over to eat! I wouldn't have have tried the tail either, but I would have taken a picture like you did :) Fun memories, huh? Can't wait to have you back in the same country with us!