Saturday, January 15, 2011

mile deep friendships

Yesterday we had dinner with some good friends. As the woman and I were hanging out we started talking about ministry areas and I started sharing about how our ministry desires to go a mile deep verses a mile wide.

As I started reflecting on that, I realized that I think I am like that as well with friendships. I enjoy people and relationships, so I know friendships take on a variety of sizes and shapes and different ones meet different needs. But, gosh, when John and I have discovered that one of our friendships has gone a mile deep, we are richly blessed. This family is one of those for us.

We enjoyed a nice grill out with some yummy food, but what really nourished my soul was the friendship and conversation. I need that really. People that we can just be "us" with and enjoy the time. We have been blessed with a few friendships like that since our two years here and for that we are grateful. But, for this moment, let's consider these friends right here to the left.

The photo on top is of the ladies/girls putting together some dough balls to create bread sticks (bannock is the official name) and the one below is of the guys grilling our sausages and the bannock bread. It was a beautiful day. What a gift we have been given with this family.

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