Thursday, January 20, 2011

from Sami

It is Friday morning and after writing this blog I am going to be doing home school.
We're doing home school because there is a crisis and the school is being used for election reasons, that is why they shut down Hillcrest.

My mom is helping us, I have tons of math. I am so tired of all the work.

Oh I have a question.
This question is where there is a missing word. ok here it is:
The state of Ohio was the __________ state in the Union. I'm asking you this question because it is for my homework.

It is ok. I asked my mom and if no one knows it is ok because I can leave it blank.
SAMANTHA Guckenberger


  1. Hi Sami,
    Ohio joined the Union on Feb. 19, 1803 and was the 17th state to do so. Grandpa and Grandma

  2. they beat me to it! it is in fact # 17. what a smart grandpa and grandma you have. :) love- jen powers

  3. The sentence is incorrect... It actually should say:

    The state of Ohio is the __________ state in the Union.

    And the answer is "best-place-to-come-and-live"...

    (chad powers)

  4. 17th on March 1, 1803 according to my research