Thursday, January 6, 2011

birds of the air, or kind of...

I know that after the last blog entry that was deep and sincere and full of information that there might be this expectation that this next blog entry will be just as deep and sincere, but today, I just wanted to highlight a few birds that I have recently seen around our usual living places.

This first photo is of a family of peacocks walking in and out of the bakery I go to for our bread. They are pretty aren't they? I still get floored that these birds are in random places whether there is a bunch of people or it is out in the village.

Then, the other day I went to the pool with my kids and there were these two birds literally looking at themselves in a reflection window. For hours the two of them sat their squawking at each other and themselves as they moved from the left and to the right gazing at their reflection. You have to admit, cool in-flight picture, huh?

Then the last one is right down our street. These vultures (which are not super common, at least not from what we have seen) were picking at something for quite awhile. As I looked closer (and hopefully you can see it too), they were eating the remains of a cow. That is a jawbone of a cow to the right of the picture.

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