Friday, January 14, 2011

and the reflections begin

I cannot believe this picture below doesn't feel foreign, nor out of place. This is where we have called home for the last two years. I will miss this type of living.

Well, I leave in about three months from Jos, Nigeria Africa and I know most of you know by now, that I am a serious reflection girl. I cannot help that I preprocess things.... it is just a matter of who I am.

Good news: When it is time to say goodbye, I am done and have made purposeful moments with people I care about! No regrets!

Bad news: People have to put up with my "oh my gosh, do you realize that in four months I will be home?" every day.... :)

But, the truth is one of my roles here in the ministry is a debriefer. What I do is take people through a circle of living, in a sense. We talk about reflections and how that breeds changes and those changes will breed different action steps... well, those different action steps will breed different experiences which then bring you back to different reflections.... you get the idea?

Well, it is time for my reflections to begin of Africa. The truth is I don't want to miss out on what things have changed me, or my husband or my kids. So, if you are going to continue to follow along, you will be catching reflections of our time here. How we have changed which will make us different people living in the States when we come back.

I say this because those of you whom we have loved over the last six years on the mission field, that live in the States, I warn you. We are changed people, with different responses than when we first left. Be ready for different Guckenbergers and please give us grace to live those changes out.

Gosh, above is where I buy all my fruits and vegetables. If not this one, then another one almost just like this. I cannot imagine going to a grocery store anymore for everything. I might enjoy that again :).... (kind of)

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