Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Igmin Kibe Education Center

Igmin Kibe Education Center means "Children of the Kingdom". This is the name of the new Education Center that was dedicated a couple of days ago. These ten students below are the representatives for the future generation of the Kissayhip village. These are the actual students that will begin taking english classes with Theresa (the only white woman) and with Esther (to the left of Theresa). We are all hopeful and proud and prayerful for these ten as they embark on a new vision of themselves. Please join us in prayer for these guys.

The picture below is the actual "ribbon cutting" part of the celebration. It really was exciting to see the first fruits of the plans of what this land can hold. God is faithful and we give him all praise and glory.

Okay, now after this part of the morning, we ended with some village dancers! It was a riot to see the actual village people watch these guys. Every dance move and performance showed on their faces. They were great and it was a treat to join in with the people we serve on a tradition that they don't even celebrate as much anymore themselves. What a reminder that we all come from the same God, even if our backgrounds are drastically different!

Will went up on the rocks and got this ariel view shot of the village around the dancers, celebrating the moment.

As if this day hadn't held enough of activity, that in the end, we finished with some vendors on the compound. When we pulled up, John had picked some up and had it all spread out. It was super fun to bless these vendors (whom we now call friends) and at the same time allow the groups to look for some items that might remind them of their time here in Nigeria. However, I don't think they could find any little trinkets to remind them of my kids and my cooking or of the dancers themselves, but hey, the markets cannot hold everything. :)

This is the last blog entry of the education dedication center. I know it was split up over three days, but I tell you what.... It was one of those days that you look back and see how lots of parts and lots of people playing their roles can really make for a fun-filled day full of God's blessings. I am grateful to have been a part of it.
Have a great day!

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  1. Awesome! I love the picture of the dancers the best (action) but the one that warms my heart the most is the first one. The facial expressions say it all!