Monday, January 17, 2011

in the beginning

Well, here we are.... flying over to Jos, Nigeria, two years ago.

I am amazed to see how we (really, our children) look so different! That flight is almost a blur to me yet at the same time, it feels like yesterday.

The next photo is Jason and John making our first breakfast - peanut butter sandwiches and bananas.... I am at a point where I just might be done with those things... :)

I do remember walking into our home and seeing what we had and didn't have.... probably the biggest shocker and yet at the time, feeling "up" for the adventure."... Who would have thought I would learn how to home cook in this little bare kitchen?!

Then, this last picture is of the first fellowship dinner Emilee through for us, about two days later. I was so tired and these people were so kind, yet I was clearly feeling "on the outside". Now, these same people are a part of our strength here in Jos. I am so grateful for them.

It is strange to think about how foreign everything felt in the beginning. None of it is now, of course, I just wonder as we head back to the USA if life there will feel foreign, or at least maybe for our children. YIKES.... weird thought.

Okay, just a little walk down the first three days of life here.....

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