Tuesday, November 16, 2010

widows outreach

Last night, as a ministry, we went to give some widows in the Kissayhip village a photo of themselves that was taken awhile back with the Next Chapter team that came to serve alongside of us.

We went around 5pm, hoping to catch them in their home area verses in the fields. The desire was to return the photo (which by the way, they all loved the picture of themselves - they truly are beautiful), and then invite them to a future (Nov. 28th) meeting time for fellowship, prayer, small items hopefully for their family to help provide for Christmas and a teaching time.

As our journey continued from village hut to village hut the kids followed and grew in size and number. These photos are just some of the views we saw on our walk.

When we entered one little pod area looking for the widow who lived there, she was not there but these two boys were pounding and grinding some grain that will be used for majority of their food. They are holding what is called "pistons" and then they use those to beat whatever might be in the bowl. It is a very common site here to say the least. It is mostly used to pound yams. That is the first picture.

The second snap is just two pet pigs that were on their leashes, just hanging out and eating.... I can only imagine what their future holds....

The last photo is of our line of baturi and village children. I know I say this every time I am out in the village, but it is one of my favorite places to minister. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the kids at OLA, but there is something different about the village. Ahhhh, someday you will see....

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  1. I sincerely enjoy glimpses into your life! The "pistons" were huge, I had pictured them the size of a fist. Who knew you could tether pigs? And the trek of straggling adults and children..delightful!... for His glory!