Tuesday, November 2, 2010

love in high action

Lots of pictures here to show the 8th grade girls in action. I don't know if many of you remember my blog "7th grade girls to the rescue", but it is these same girls who joined with my mom and I yesterday afternoon to help bathe, dress, play and hold lots of these babies.

I was looking for a Bible verse that could describe what took place yesterday: young girls enjoying babies, serving and with lots of energy....

Alas, I wasn't able to find the perfect one. But I do think that God did something in me during that hour. I think I saw a hunger in these girls. A hunger, that I myself feel a bit void of sometimes, a hunger to give everything you have to the task at hand. They bathed hard (in about 10 minutes all 8 children were cleaned), they played hard (I almost think the babies didn't know what hit them), but they also enjoyed each other hard. Lots of laughter, chatting and connection between them all.

I think I give all, but I almost wonder if it was the craziness and energy that I felt nostalgic for. Maybe even a bigger realization that I have become more tense and intense lately. Forgetting to laugh and have fun, and not allowing the Holy Spirit to spill over into joy, in my life.

Believe it or not, I used to be fun and sought it out as a prerequisite for any activity I participated in... :) Of course that isn't the goal and I know that, but there is something
to be said about enjoying life and taking hold of the moment with enthusiasm and energy. Either way, I took a moment to step back yesterday afternoon and watch the whirlwind of activity and was able to look around and what might have appeared as "out of control" and was able to see it as I think God saw it... Love in high action! Thanks 8th grade girls for the reminder!!

(FYI, this energy thought has nothing to do with my getting older and feeling it daily :))

On one last side note, the little, little baby being held by Maria (2nd from bottom) is the newest addition to OLA. His name is Joseph and he is still in the hospital side for now and will come over to the orphanage in four weeks. I will give you more of his story another day, but boy was he cute.

Have a great Love in Action day......


  1. Corrie,
    Thanks for posting a picture of little Joseph. Relayed his story to my people and we have all placed him at the top of our prayer lists! Can't wait to see him one day.

  2. Corrie,

    I am finally taking the time to catch up on your life and all the good you are doing. I just want you to know how much I think of you and how much I miss talking to you. I am so impressed and inspired by all that you have done to better our world. You are an amazing person and I'm so happy to know you.

    Kelly Morales

  3. Corrie! I want to come hold babies with you guys! For some reason God has been bringing me into contact with babies this fall... I've had the opportunity to teach a bit in the rio about baby development and absolutely LOVE IT!!!!