Thursday, November 4, 2010

updated apartments

Almost move in material, the apartments are...

The top picture is of the Reed's apartment, as I am sitting in the dining room, facing the front door.

Next photo is of the inside of the Munafo's place as I am walking out of their bedroom looking at their main living area.

This is the front view, facing the front porch of where the apartments both come out.

I know I am being all factual, but I thought it would help you get a feel for where every thing is... so this next shot is as you are walking out of the ministry center, this is what you see. The far back building is the Munafo's side coming out.

Then this shot is as you are pulling into the property, you get the angle that is the Reed's side.

It is really coming along. I think my favorite part is the tree in the front of all of it. I think it is so beautiful, and of course the apartments too. :)

Let's not forget though my major in school was environmental science. John and I used to laugh that I would be tied to the tree he was wanting to tear down for the next building... This tree was saved and I am glad.

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  1. Wow! Look at that progress! It has come such a long way since I was there. Thanks for the updates, I so enjoy reading your blog! :)