Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crist dedication

Last Sunday at church there was a baby dedication. One of the men in the Bible study that my dad helps lead wanted to dedicate his new baby to the Lord.

He and his wife had decided to name the child after my dad, so baby Crist was brought before the church and my dad prayed for him and it was sweet to know that in Jos, Nigeria Africa there is a baby that will grow up with my dad's name. Also what I love is that my dad will pray for him every day that he is alive and I love that this baby gets that prayer.

Just because of the circumstances baby Crist was born into his life will automatically have its share of hard living. He will need prayer to find joy in the life before him. He will be covered in prayer and that is such a gift!

This last picture is of me with some of the older sunday school kids at the village church. The girls and I left the service a bit early as it was going extra long and so some of the children decided to join us.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Corrie. My friend Penny had a request from a distant relative to use Thadius' middle name (Ian) as part of their new son's name. (Thad and Kaleb our son were friends and our families lost them in a car accident in April.) The distant relative was asking permission at a very earlier time after Penny's loss and she wasn't sure how to answer. The relative told her "that he believed the first born son's name should mean something, it should be something special, and that it would be an honor to use Ian as his name." without delay but with tears she said yes. I think it's wonderful that you shared this, I hope others do too. And for children so far removed from our world..these children with you look so much like the ones I see here everyday, happy, relaxed, and the infamous clown! Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Theresa