Monday, November 22, 2010

a need

Good morning everyone!! I hope your Tuesday before Thanksgiving is going well. It is weird to live in a culture where Thanksgiving isn't even a thought. I know you might be thinking in Mexico it wasn't either, but at least we had the larger community talking about it. Here, not even most missionaries are American. They are Canadian, British, Danish and American....
Either way, our community is celebrating it and we cannot wait!!

I have really gotten into a groove of writing blogs and I have really been enjoying them. Something we have been blessed with so far is the lack of need to talk about our financial support. The Lord has always provided by the hearts of giving in so many of you. However, today is a different day and I feel the "push" from the Spirit to maybe be a little more honest about the need of the day, today.

As John and I have looked at our year ending account and looking forward to the financial needs ahead in the New Year, we find ourselves short about $7,000.00 USD. Now, being the people that the Lord has "going" to the ends of the earth, it is never easy asking for funds. Especially in a hard economic climate. BUT, we realize that being the ones "sending" must not be much easier on the financial end either. As we are pretty certain you are communicated almost daily with the financial needs of others and the question of what is your role in it.

So, here it is: please pray. IF the Lord requires of you to give, then please be obedient to HIM and nothing else. If the Lord does not require it of you, then please don't give to us. We know HE will provide. He has the plan and the people, but either way, please pray. We are grateful for Him and to Him for all things.

If you are desiring to help us financially, please note the following information:

for contributions on behalf of Back2Back, its ministry programs, and staff:

“Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Back2Back Ministries has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.”

To donate, send a check to:

Back2Back Ministries
P.O. Box 70
8118 Corporate Way
Suite 201
Mason, OH 45040

(Please note that the check is for the account of John and Corrie Guckenberger)

Thanks for being willing to know if this is what you should be a part of or not. I am so appreciative of both sides of this ministry, the "senders" and the "goers" with full confidence in God who makes both sides function. Have a blessed day.

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  1. thanks, corrie and john, for being open about your needs financially, b/c it is our blessing and privilege to give if Gods asks us to.... :)