Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.

William Jennings Bryan

I love this quote. I just received it this morning and isn't this the truth behind the day. The stark reality that as a people group we would not have survived the circumstances without the help of others. It is was good.

Isn't it the same with us as believers, that we daily need to declare our dependence on the Lord. Without Him, we would not survive our natural state. I am so thankful for Jesus, who died on the cross, for my sin, so I can live forever with Him. As Americans, we fight for Independence, as believers we fight to remember that we are dependent. I think I need daily reminders.

Yesterday, one of Sarah's friends, joined us as we cared for the OLA children. She brought some great donations and then helped us clean, clothe and play with each child. Us being a part of these children's lives and spending time and energy serving others, reminds me that isn't this life? We serve, others serve, it is all in an effort to survive the winter before us. We cannot do it alone.

I woke up this morning to the song, "It is well with my soul." I don't usually enjoy waking up to music blaring in the neighborhood, but this morning, I laid there and listened and hummed along to the entire song and felt the effects deep within me. I am thankful that it is well with my soul.

We are having a little Thanksgiving party tonight, I am looking forward to it except that I am the responsible one for the three turkeys (chickens). SO, hopefully we get to eat them and enjoy each other's company. Tonight I am going to celebrate that if it weren't for the people in front of me, those we have come to love and those we already had loved, John and I might not have survived living here. We are grateful and tonight I look forward to celebrating our dependence! I will pass along some snaps tomorrow after the little shin dig.....

Have a great Thanksgiving Day celebrating the dependence of America in history, and how it should remind all of us believers of our need for daily dependence.


  1. Theresa had a much different response than you this morning to the song being blared through the neighborhood. I believe her response was "How funny that the song being played through the neighborhood at 5:30am is 'It is Well with my soul'." I'm glad you enjoyed it and God started your day off with thankfulness!