Wednesday, November 17, 2010

dancing in the dark

As the SSE/Vineyard team left just a couple of days ago, they ended their time with dancing as well, but on one of their properties. They invited all of us and it was fun to hang out with the group and just enjoy without being responsible.

I have come to realize that my oldest daughter, Sarah, is bold and strong and very courageous. This is a great mix for a future leader, but boy, I tell you, in a twelve year old it can also be a perfect mix for lots of prayer for her parents!! :) After the dancing show, they invite others in the audience to come out and dance with them, their tribal dancing at that.....

This was an unusually shy group and there was not movement towards the floor, so Sarah got up and for about twenty minutes joined the tribal dancers and "went to town". I have to admit, she was amazing and had some good moves. That is her in the second picture, it is dark, but if you look closely, you can see some action "still photo" shots..... It is in these moments that I look at her and love that she is not afraid to start something even when others are not joining in..... I love her.

This last photo is of John and some great friends, Daniel and Ibro. We are grateful for both of these men as they have encouraged and loved on our family in desperate times and in just fellowship times.

In the end, the group did come out and join in on the fun (that is the first photo).

FYI, Sami's birthday was yesterday, but we will talk about it tomorrow due to her school party is today.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMI!!!!!! Way to go dancing Lady of the Garden! I'm so proud of you for stepping out & being so courageous! Love, Jen & Chad & Ellery

  2. i love this about sarah!!!...wish i was more like that! :) HAPPY B-DAY sami! -lars

  3. Haha sounds like Sarah. She should lead a club at school (: