Saturday, November 6, 2010

a full day

Yesterday morning we had 23 Hillcrest, high school students work with us on our education center in the village. There were different crews responsible for different tasks. Overall, I must say that these students were hard workers and very respectful and they had a ton of fun!

Before I go further with those photos, to the left is a birthday party that our oldest, Sarah, was invited to. So, while we all worked in the village, she went to a pool party. The days are getting warmer and warmer here. The pool probably felt really nice...

The above snap is of a couple of girls who were responsible to paint the ceilings of the two class rooms (there were about 8 others helping, but this was a good shot).

Then there was another crew that was responsible of wiring the entire building. So while these three guys are here prepping the wire, there were about three in the attic moving it to where it needed to go.

There was another crew of about 5 older guys who needed to dig a ditch and then spread some conduit from the education building to the water tower. They did an amazing job because in the end, they had recovered the conduit and you would have never known they had done what they did. I love that there is something in guys that desires to rise up to the challenge of good physical labor. They did great!

These same guys, when completed, hiked up the back rocks and showed some style for the rest of the group to witness. Yes, they asked for the photo to be taken.....

Here is the "after" picture with a lot of the village children. The students spent some time praying through the building and the different classrooms. I love hearing the prayers of students. It is refreshing to my own prayer life to hear the earnestness of their words. After prayer, we took them to the main boulders to climb and that is where the final photo was taken. As a family, we were wiped out, but we didn't regret a single minute spent on this day. God is good!

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