Tuesday, December 14, 2010

two entrances

a few random photos for you this morning.

Yesterday I had to go to this beautiful resort to reserve the swimming pool area for a field trip we are taking the OLA children to on Saturday (I am sure you will see pictures).

And as you are in the entrance area you are greeted by this huge elephant spouting water out of his trunk. It is pretty actually. You can see the resort hotel behind him. It still shocks me to see such extremes living right next door to each other.

The following photo is of the manger scene at OLA. It also greets you once you are in the entrance to their living quarters. Do you notice Jesus is not there yet? Cute, huh? So here you have two pictures of two entrances, symbolizing two different extremes. I guess we have always been faced with the two extremes, since the beginning of time.

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