Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - A Son is Born!

I don't necessarily have anything Christmasy to say on this beautiful morning, except today I am grateful for my Nigerian family (the Back2Back family) that we can celebrate Christmas with and feel the intimacy we would even if we were "home."

The picture above is one of the gifts my kids opened up this morning. Do you remember the three monkeys "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil?" Well, we bought some african carvings of these and picked a bible verse to go with each child that suited their strengths and weaknesses. Sami was "Hear no evil," Gus was "See no evil," and Sarah was "Speak no evil" They are perfect for their personalities.

Above, are just some of the things we have been doing during this Christmas season. Enjoying friends and fellowship and a little pool time. I don't have a picture of our Christmas eve plans, but we had a euchre tournament and it was so fun to completely lose to our friends (we were the ultimate losers in our sweet game :)).

Again, nothing major to share except Merry Christmas and we pray your day is Blessed and you are reminded of Jesus who was born for man to live. Amen!

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