Saturday, December 18, 2010

to swim or not to swim

Yesterday a few of us within the ministry and another family provided a Christmas swim day for some of the older children at OLA.

To be honest, our good friends, the Paynes, had supporters of theirs who gave them money to bless someone in Nigeria who they work with. Anyway, what a gift they gave these children.

It was a beautiful day, the only hiccup we had was that the water was freezing cold. I mean, frigid!! So, as they like to say here, "we tried". A few of us (yes, that means I did get in) did play in the pool while the rest of us just "looked" the part. As you see the
second picture, little Hope had the swimmies, goggles, swimsuit and the squirt gun all on and looked as if she played in the water all day; whereas, she got her feet and legs wet and just enjoyed the playground.

We had a nice beef and jollof rice catered lunch and in the end, our friends brought Christmas gifts for all the children. We were blessed to be a part of it, the kids were blessed with an outing that they had been wanting for such a long time and I pray that the family (who lives in Washington somewhere) who donated the funds, I pray the Lord blesses them as well.

The last photo is of the babies who could not join us. Gus, Cypress and Jordan enjoyed a few
moments of connection before we left with the others.I love these kids!

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