Tuesday, December 21, 2010


gimper: ... a one man army, one who will lay down his life for a cause or for one

This is the new word I learned yesterday while in our staff meeting. Daniel (Pictured above, the one standing) used this term to describe Emmanuel (the one wearing the black t-shirt). He went on to say that Emmanuel is the one who will be the persecuted, to do what needs to be done for those who need to have it done to (in reference to the orphan child in the village).

This word struck me. It is a small word and at first glance can give the impression for a different definition (I first see the word gimp). So, I asked Daniel more about it. The more he shared with us as a staff the more I was drawn to the idea. Emmanuel is one (and I agree) who would put his own life on hold or on the line to help one who is an orphan in the Kissayhip village. He would "die" for one.

I don't know. I am guessing that I am struck by the idea of laying down your life for one. The importance of one. The importance of Emmanuel and each individual on our staff team. The importance of each orphan we serve, but most of all I am struck with the the most important gimper I know who came as a baby to do what the definition tells us he needed to do for each one of us, Jesus.

What an honor to be a gimper! Thanks Emmanuel for the example!

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