Thursday, December 9, 2010

squeezing in to see the bride and bridegroom

I think I have told you all before about the first wedding that John and I went to, here in Jos. John was the "second best man" and my parents were arriving on the same day... Well we had the privilege of going to the second one last weekend.

It was for a good friend of the ministry, Steven. He translates at our village church, and has helped us out, personally and ministry wise, for the last couple of years. He married a sweet girl from another village and it took place at our church, here in Kissayhip.

There were some similarities to both of the weddings, the one in "town" and the one in the village. Both exuded an amazing amount of energy, joy, laughter, smiles, and a late start which is becoming more and more common to my lifestyle here. BUT, one difference is because this wedding ceremony took place inside our little church building, people were literally right on top of each other. So many people squeezing in, so many in the wedding party, so many people listening outside the walls, all to get a look at the wedding couple. I liked it. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was overwhelming. Yes, it was long enduring...

BUT, it was the anticipation to see them. The excitement that a new "One" was being formed from "Two". A bond that only God, Himself, can break, was beginning.

By the end of the ceremony, we had been there about three hours and it was time for us as a family to go home. We didn't even stay for the reception. BUT, again, I think is this what it was like during Jesus's time on Earth? Were weddings of this type of energy and excitement? Or were they more "tame" as americans have made them? I imagine people crowding in on whatever Jesus was doing to get a glimpse of the "ministry" being formed. Right before their eyes.

I think somehow I have lost touch of the squeezing in and just being able to see what was happening.... verses needing my own personal space and order. I don't know, but I do know that someday I will get to see a bigger picture of us, who are Jesus's bride. AND, I hope we are all squeezing in to see our bridegroom! Cannot wait!!

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