Wednesday, December 22, 2010

good fellowship

A couple of nights ago, Rev. Batori and his family invited our whole ministry along with the SSE ministry for dinner. That is not necessarily an easy feat to cook for all of us white people.

The picture of our family is with their oldest son, Barnabus. He and John have become quite good friends as their conversations tend to find themselves not only around ministry, but also around relationships (he has a serious girlfriend) and their walks with Christ. We have learned to count him as one of our treasured friends here in Jos.

By the end of the evening we looked back and realized that this family outwardly loves each other in a way that we find familiar and fun. In our experience so far, nigerians don't tend to show affection in front of others. I am not saying that affection isn't found, just not in front of us. So, it was so refreshing to join with them for an evening of joking with one another and good food and just great fellowship all around.

We were grateful for the night and even more thankful for the opportunity to call these nigerians friends.

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