Friday, December 3, 2010

daily changes

Well, we went to OLA on Thursday afternoon and saw that Little Mary was gone. She had been adopted to a good home. We knew it was in the works, but it always catches me a bit off guard when one day they appear to be a part of your daily landscape and the next, they are removed and you are left with the feeling that you are different because of them.

Just because little Mary is gone, the babies are still very numerous here. Little Joseph has officially moved over to the orphanage side and is strong enough to not have to be in the hospital. Praise God for health, but prayer is needed as the babies are many and the hands are not.

Starting from the Left: Sarah is holding Ogeci, Gus is holding Lucky and Sami is holding Joseph. The other babies are inside still being bathed and clothed.

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  1. Oh how i wish i could come and hold those sweet babies! My prayer is that even though they may lack hands to hold all the children that they will feel the warmth of beeing wrapped in the mighty yet so gentle hands of the Lord! Thank you for the ways you, John, and your children choose to be the hands and feet of Christ! What a blessing it is to have people like you in the world!

    much love,