Monday, December 13, 2010

little daniel corrie

Do you all remember little Daniel Corrie? And his mamma, Evelyn? They are very dear friends of ours. Yesterday I received a call communicating that Daniel was in the hospital, sick.

This is him and his mamma at Lawrock Hospital. It is a hospital right outside the gate to our neighborhood actually. It is small, but perfect for the "not so serious," but still in need of medical care. My mom, Theresa and I were going to pray and just encourage when I realized I had never been here before (at least the inside). It is the same in most medical facilities here, the idea that you bring in your own food. You share a room with whomever, and there is absolutely no privacy. What I find the most interesting is the idea that no one even wants their privacy. Hmmm.... maybe I have overrated privacy a little....

Either way, Daniel is doing better and I still want him to know that he has been named after me so I have to put in as much "face time" as possible. :)
He is cute, huh?

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