Sunday, December 26, 2010

everything is fine, just not for these cows

I was running the other day at Hillcrest when I ran past the old basketball court and saw all the maintenance workers literally chopping up about 5 cows for them to each take some home as a Christmas gift to their families.

If you can see if the first photo, the intestines and the "gut" are hanging out and in the second picture they are skinning it.... ugh.... I tell you what, it was gruesome to watch. BUT, I do know it was a treat for those families.

Our Christmas was great and we wanted to share with anyone who has emailed us or been praying for us that we are all okay within our ministry and within our ministry areas of focus. Things have quieted down and we are being wise in where we go. Our prayer is that this new year doesn't show itself to be anything but what the Lord wants and our response is nothing short of bringing Him glory.

Please enjoy your freedom, giving thanks to God and praying for believers all over the world who are acting in obedience, trusting God moment by moment. Have a blessed day.

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