Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's been a long time

Good morning! I was thinking about how it has been 11 months today since we have been home. For John and I that is now the longest amount of time since we have stepped foot on American soil (the second longest time was when we moved here and then traveled home last Christmas). We are not sure when we are traveling home next, at this point. Maybe that is why it is hard. Who knows, but when we have these seasons of feeling the time away is long, I keep reminding myself of some of the things I LOVE here.

I found myself really grateful for three things:
1. I love our family time here. I love that literally at about seven at night, the world kind of dies down and people all go home. When we first moved here, it was a harder thing to get used to, a slower schedule and not much going on at night, anywhere.

I tell you what though, it is probably my most favorite thing here now. We have gotten used to the idea of being together and I think it is wonderful. We have so much fun together and I feel blessed for this time with my children and husband.

2. The second most favorite thing is Hillcrest school. Education in a third world country is interesting. Because Hillcrest is such a good school, and education is so valued due to the lack of opportunity elsewhere, it is truly a place where studies are top priority. Yes, every school has its downfall, but here there isn't the usual teen pressure. Due to finances and no where to go, there is literally no drinking, drugs and relationships are kept at a friendship level because families (nigerians) place education at a high level. Relationships can wait until after university is a common thought here. My kids are going to a great school and I am so thankful.

3. Thirdly, I love going to the village. The wide open spaces, and the breeze is my favorite place to have time with God. I could spend hours there reading my Bible, playing with the kids, hiking between the boulders. It is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

So, when I start to feel a longing for home, I think about some of the things I enjoy here and I feel so blessed to be here, right now. God is good!


  1. thank you, cor. you've challenged me to do the soak in the blessings and pursue everything that God has for me where i am right now in life!

  2. Why didn't the Reed's make this list?

    Your hurt neighbors