Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not many words today, just some pictures with brief descriptions.

This is what we call bature music. Last Sunday when we went to the village church it was pouring so the service started later to let people get there (95% walk to church obviously). My mom and Gus wanted to see what it felt like to play, "nigerian style". They were not near as good as the women fellowship, but they tried. :)

He is so cute! This is Lucky, he is getting so big, isn't he? My mom and I saw a new baby that was just brought to the children's home. His name is Joseph and he is about 4 weeks old. His momma died right after child birth. Please pray for him.

Little Mary is supporting her KY roots!! The last group that just left gave this outfit as a donation. They are from KY of course!! She could not look more cute in this little sweat outfit.

And then you have big Mary. She reminded me of our Mexican roots as she was dressed in such traditional mexican wear. I had to snap a ton of little photos of her. Gosh, I love seeing these children.

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  1. thanks for posting these, cor...i just love these little children!! so cute - so glad you are there to give them affection.