Sunday, October 10, 2010

quiet time rocks

On the last morning the team was here, we took them to the village rocks to spend their last focused, time with God while in Africa.

I still cannot think of anywhere I would rather be than up on top of these rocks and just look out and see all that God has created.

We talked about what God was doing in us and through us and then we all found our own space and just allowed ourselves to be quiet before the Lord.

For the first thirty minutes it was perfect environment for solitude and then near the end of our time some children in the village spotted us and they proceeded to climb up the side of the rock mountain and play with us. I personally think the team wouldn't

have wanted to end their trip any other way. "Let the little children come..." Jesus said that, didn't he.......

The first picture on top is where I was sitting. I don't know if you can see the tops of some of the children's heads in the fields, but it was beautiful. Then you have our staff member, Will, with one of the boys that he and Theresa connected with when they came for a visit last year. Near the end, the team was swarmed with the children laughing and playing. Probably their highlight. The last picture is of one of the women on the team having her time alone with God. These rocks are truly beautiful. I hope you can see that.

Have a great Sunday morning.

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