Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My thoughts on some africa photos....

I was going through some photos last night with my kids (Gus and Sami) and there were just some we stopped and talked about or laughed at.....

Here is that compilation and our thoughts on them:

Jesus surrounds us and protects us!

Just hanging out on a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

Obviously, I am in charge, not the other two! Just wanted to have proof :)

If I could choose to be anywhere, this is where I would want to be.

We were curious as to what is she really thinking, right now? And, we all decided that she was very beautiful in her time.

"Yes, I think I got something!!"

Have a great day reminiscing about your pictures in your own life. Be blessed.


  1. Yeah, sure you're in charge...I happen to be standing next to you and I'm pretty certain you were never in charge :)

  2. Did you ever see what I can do with my finger up my nose!

  3. The photo of the two hands is magnificient! Print and frame

  4. Wow, who took these photos?? They are phenom!! I traded Abby T-shirts this summer so my staff shirt says "intern" I guess I don't get to be in charge!