Friday, October 1, 2010

birthday dinner

As I was on my way home from running yesterday we saw this Independence Day parade going on and it seemed really fun and very spirited. Parades are rare, so I was glad to experience this one.

It is my dad's birthday today, but since we have a group arriving this afternoon, we had my dad over for dinner last night to celebrate. We couldn't remember the last time we celebrated with him in person. It has definitely been many, many years. It was a gift to have them over.

As a present we gave him Hershey's Special Dark chocolate chips. It is funny how gift ideas change depending on where you are living. I knew he would really, really appreciate this gift living here since you cannot buy chocolate chips in this area.

I think that I love my parents and I am grateful for this year. As I was waking this morning, I heard my children get up (6:30am...) and sneak over to grandpa's house to wish him Happy Birthday. How often do grandkids get to do that to their grandparents? Well, for the Guckenberger family, it doesn't happen that often, so we are grateful for these moments.

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