Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!

Today is Nigeria's 50th Independence Day!! Hillcrest put on an amazing celebration that was about two hours long. I have to admit by the end of it, I was choked up at the pride in the room held by the Nigerians. So much so, that I thought why have I not experienced that same amount of pride and excitement while living in the USA. I am not saying that people don't have it, it is just that I have not seen it, personally.

The day started with the entire school and parents meeting at the school flagpole as we had a flag raising ceremony. Yes, that is my son Gus raising the Nigerian flag. He did such a good job.

We all moved into the auditorium then for a brief teaching on the history of Nigeria and then a super fun fashion show of the different traditional tribes that are represented. I wish I could have gotten some great photos of this because the only word I can think of is, "amazing!"

Then three speakers motivated all of us to "be all that we can be", music and worship and then cake for all!! Very much my kind of party! Everyone needed to be dressed in Nigerian and then bring nigerian food for the feast that followed. I have to admit, I can be pretty insecure cooking nigerian food for a bunch of nigerians... so I did what any good, respectable american, my kind of woman would do.... and I ordered it from a restaurant and picked it up and took it to school. Everyone loved it! Hee Hee Hee.... my nigerian friends knew better, but encouraged me anyway. That is why I love them.

Okay, pictures are as follows:
1. Sarah and some of her friends in her middle school classroom eating some yummy celebration food.
2. Gus raising the Nigerian flag with his good friend, Katwal
3. Some in Sami's class all dressed up.
4. and lastly, my good friend, Hellena, and I showing off our clothing...

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