Saturday, September 25, 2010

a great hike

Good morning! This top picture is of my oldest daughter, Sarah, playing twister at her party. She had such a fun time and she won a couple of candy bars....

Yesterday, our family went on a great hike to a place we have never been to before. This was our first time going with a group of people who I think hike to different places on different days to random spots. We were grateful to have been invited and to attend. The people were great and it was beautiful. It also reminded me how much I love being outdoors and in nature. It is almost as if someone shoots a little bit of adrenaline in me.... another Corrie takes over and for the most part it is fun.... but I can only imagine how I might get on others nerves maybe just a tad.... :)

For example, the group photo I made everyone stop for and they graciously allowed me to snap the picture... However, maybe not everyone was as thrilled as I was to be a part of this exact "kodak" moment.

The rest of the pictures just show you the one hour hike in to a beautiful spot with rocks, waterfalls and beautiful river flowing down a rock/hillside. The group stopped and ate lunch and some swam. There is a picture of our new staff woman, Theresa, and I. John likes to refer to it as "preparasite"... he wouldn't get in because you just never know what is swimming in these African waters.... :) Too bad because it was a beautiful swim, but I will let you all know if we get sick :).

Overall, it was the most fun we, as a family, have had in a long time (outside of a group) and it was much needed for our weary Africa souls. We enjoyed the fellowship and conversations of those we hiked with, we saw a beautiful spot of Jos and we swam in cool, waterfall waters and we exercised and breathed in fresh air. You just cannot beat that combo.

Hopefully someday soon we will be able to enjoy another great hike. I would guess it is our family's favorite past time. We had just forgotten.

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  1. Fun! Love that you are discovering new places