Friday, September 24, 2010

lots in one day

Yesterday was a full day with lots of different activities taking place.

Here are just a couple of the things that happened:

1. Gus's 5th grade class was responsible for the chapel service at school. He was the narrator (I find he asks for this so he doesn't have to act :)) and he was one of the "motion leaders" for the songs. That is his class (last picture) this year.

2. Then, you guessed it, it is field day team planning once again!!! So the 2nd to the bottom is my new "team yellow".... I think it will be a good group. We will see.

3. Okay, then John and all the guys of the ministry went over to Daniel and Evelyn's new house (they moved in down the street from us - we are super excited to have them so close) and they did work projects there almost all day. Just to help them make it more livable. I think that they mostly worked on getting running water to the house. It was also his birthday so some of the ladies cooked and we all had lunch together...

At the end of the day, Sarah had her first middle school party. I will show you pictures of that at another time, the theme was the 60's..... She had a great time and she is really getting so old, I cannot believe it.

It is days like this that I enjoy so much. Lots of different things going on, not really connected but by the end of the day, we all come together and we look back and realize the blessings we have been given..... The Lord is good!

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