Tuesday, September 21, 2010

education center

As many of you know by now we, as a ministry, are working on building up a ministry center in the Bassa area of town. We took the team there a few days last week and one of those times, some of us women decided to go on a prayer walk. We walked the outer perimeter of our future site and took some children with us. It was so fun to see them pray with us as we poured out before the Lord our heart for the ministry that could take place by God's leading. We also prayed for some of the hindrances of relationship with the village and some of the hindrances in getting the final paperwork all figured out, etc... As we read Scripture and prayed, these girls joined with us and it was one of my most favorite days of ministry.

This picture below is of one of the girls who partnered with us in prayer. As you can see the responsibility that the young carry is large. This young girl's name is Mary and she pretty much takes care of her baby brother all day long. We are thankful they could join us.

My dad and Brian were involved in digging of ditches and then putting water pipe in to start the final process of the water towers that have been put in place to make the education center more functional. All I know is that I am glad I didn't have that task. They both did a great job though and we are grateful. They look joyful anyway, right??

This final picture is of Andy, one of the team members as well. He received the fun task of entering the actual water barrel itself before it was lifted up. He attached everything that needed to be attached and helped lift it up. I can only imagine being inside of that barrel with the sun beating down. He had his own personal sauna service..... Again, I am grateful he was a good sport about doing anything that needed to be done. AND, this needed to be done.

It is fun to see how a "larger" project comes together. This group really focused on water towers this past week. Not just in this site, but in another one as well. They became professional water tower hooker uppers..... not always the most glorified task, but it is part of the bigger picture of ministry and they saw it and wanted to help. Thanks team!!

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