Thursday, September 16, 2010

beautiful people

We went yesterday to the safari here in the neighboring state and the closest we came to anything fierce was this lion print.... bummer, huh?

But, even though our lives weren't in danger, we had a fun time with each other and I realized people are just beautiful.....

This last photo is of some of the beautiful children at OLA.... We are having so much fun with our brother and sister.... sad to see them leave tomorrow.

I will write more once they are gone.
Have a blessed day with your beautiful people...


  1. so fun to that beth and todd are there. By the way, love the RUN DMC shirt!

  2. haha, i also have to comment on the rundmc shirt. keepin it real, corrie. i'm sorry i took all of my clothes with me...

  3. remember when john introduced you at church & you had your run dmc shirt on, hahaha?!!

    glad you're having a great week :)

  4. so happy to see you all together!! :)