Tuesday, September 7, 2010

please meet the children of OLA one by one

I recently took these photos of each child to give to my sister-in-law for a baby shower that they are throwing to raise funds for these precious children. And I decided that I talk about these kids enough that maybe you all should meet them one by one.

I am excited to see them dwindle down in number as more are finding homes to live, but these ones that are left behind need your prayers.

1. Hope is the first girl, she is starting school in one week and she is five years old.

2. Sister Fidelia is next, I have mentioned her before as she runs the entire OLA orphanage. She is amazing to work alongside. We are blessed by administrative skills with these children.

3. This next photo is of "Big Mary". She has been at OLA as a newborn and she is about 1 1/2 years old.

4. Lucky is about 4 months old and he has been there since birth.

5. Kenny is almost three and he has always been there as well.

6. "Little Mary" is the same age as "Big Mary" but looks so much more petite. We wonder if there is something else going on with her.

7. Joe is next and he is ten.

8. Abigail and she has been there long enough that we sometimes go to her verses the caregivers to ask about what is going on with each child. We joke saying she is the one running the place. She will always live at OLA and she is a blessing.

9. Ogace is about4 months old as well and she is Gus's little girl.... :)

10. Esther just graduated from her schooling and she is on to her next phase of education. She is becoming a grown woman in her physical, but has a slower mental growth. She needs your prayers.

11. Claire has many, many physical and emotional scars. Please pray for her whenever you think of her life. She spends most hours alone in her crib and cannot speak, hear, move and we also think she cannot hear. God loves her.

12. Last is Daniel. He is ten and is one of the biggest helpers in this home. He is such a smart, helpful and kind and fun boy. It is hard for me to see his childhood be robbed of all he does to assist everyone in who walks in this home.

Okay, here is the truth. I just read this in the posting format and you cannot tell who is who. Sorry, but with our slow internet, I don't have the time to move things around tens of times to make it more complete looking. Sorry, but try your best to follow child by child, if you can. Sorry.

There are the children of OLA. Thanks for taking the time to get to know them.
Have a great day!


  1. Corrie,
    Thanks for taking the time to post about these children. The love of Christ for them shines out of your description...praying for them individually now..as well as your immediate family.

  2. i followed along just fine...thanks for this, and i love the idea of throwing a shower for these kids - you've got my wheels turning. i'm so thankful that God sent you all the way there to love on these kids and it's so obvious that you do. miss you...