Thursday, September 2, 2010

legos and squeaky shoes

Good morning and thanks for everyone's kind words to me on yesterday's blog. I appreciate the grace that comes with the body of Christ. Everyone needs that, especially me.

A couple of days ago my friend went with me again to OLA and she brought some Legos for the kids to play with. I loved seeing their minds be opened up to imagination. The picture on the top right is of Daniel creating his city, he called it. The other boy, Joe, was creating a computer keyboard. I really did enjoy watching them search for the "right" piece.

The bottom picture is of little Mary who was actually walking fast/running in a new little pair of shoes that as she walked they squeaked (they were built that way)..... she just giggled as she walked really fast everywhere she went so she could here the squeak.

Sometimes when I am with these kids everything else can kind of fade away in the background, my sins, the details of the hurried day and whatever else might be troubling my heart. As I watched these two play around, I thought everyone occasionally needs some squeaky shoes and Legos.

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