Thursday, March 12, 2009

to a nigerian's house we go

It has been awhile, and things have picked up here a bit.  Life here is much simpler in some ways (like never using a hairdryer, but I will talk about that in a  moment), but things seem to take longer.  So since we have last met I have been invited to two nigerians home and I have been struck by some things... ready?
1.  The first one was a dinner invitation for my whole family and Jason and Brian.  We get there and they are not even there yet (and we even get there late), one is getting her hair done in town and the other went to the grocery store to buy some items.... then we are hanging out with each other in their dining room when the sun goes down and things become very dark....  Meanwhile, they get home, are in the kitchen cooking and my kids are playing outside with some kids, chickens and some dogs... when it is time to eat, they sit us at the table and they don't join us.... and it is very dark... (so we are not quite sure what it is we are eating - it was chicken, but we just couldn't see it).  So we eat in the dark and it was so awkward for me.  I find myself so surprised as to not knowing what to say to my own family or to Jason and Brian.  Wierd huh?  People I completely know and yet very awkward....  They eventually bring some stools into the dining room and join us in conversation.  Still completely dark.
2.  Just a couple days ago, I go to a woman friends house to drop her off and she invites me in.  I walk in (middle of the day) and her house is completely dark!!  They have the curtains pulled and it is sooo dark.  Isn't that so different?

- so I pull a few observations out of this about myself.....  one, as an american I have been trained that you care about your home.  I will spend hours and dollars "creating" my home so it "looks" like I want it to look like...  I am not saying it is a sin caring about the way your house looks, but I wonder if I have taken an idea and gone too far with it.  I want my house to be a refuge and a haven, but to what expense, I wonder....   
- what I could have taken as rude with our guests not joining us for dinner and in the dark.. is really them putting us first and actually just not caring about the power/electric thing.  They are used to it and they wanted us to have a good meal and we enjoyed each other without even having the "seeing" eyes of what there house looks like, what are they wearing, who is doing what, etc....  (now it took me some time to get past the awkwardness).  When all was said and done, my whole family had a good time and were struck that we were creating Nigerian friendships.  And the night was good, holy, pure, uplifting and fun!

I really wish I could give you some pictures of our home, but we have truly lost our camera cord and so it is only when I can be at the right place at the right time that I am able to download some pictures onto our blog... bummer too, because you would like themmm

Now, here are some details on life:  you will notice the sharp contrast to what I just wrote above to my person.  
1.  My kids start school on Monday.  I am very thankful and I think it will help me with flexibility to learn more about the ministry before summer.  
2.  I just hung up some curtains in our main room and office and hung up our mexico paintings and I love it so much more... (see what I am saying).  It is beginning to feel like my home... I cannot decide yet if this is okay or not??
3.  We have been living without a mirror since we have been here (I want all of you to try not looking at a mirror at all for one month), and yesterday I bought some.  Well, I was taken aback by my hair.... isn't that funny.  I was like, EWWWW, look at my hair.... not much that can be done except do with it what I can for now... it is just a stage.  But isn't that funny, I haven't cared too much about it not seeing it, but the moment I "see" I am discontent....  Now, I think there is a sermon out of that thought!!  A deep thought for another day though.  Oh yes, and the hairdryer thing is history.  We cannot use them.  Now being here, I am like bummer I wasted the luggage space for a hairdryer, but live and learn....
I am learning the culture and I am learning about my previous Corrie culture and I am wanting to find the balance.... pray that it will come.  
God Willing, it will.
God Bless


  1. Good Morning (or I guess Afternoon for you):

    Did you see you have 46 followers :) . . . and now you are making friends there as well - you are truly BLESSED!

    As for the home - every culture is different and you will learn what they appreciate there, but that doesn't mean that your home won't still reflect your values. European homes in some areas are often very dark and closed off - that's just their preference.

    Still praying for the children and their transition to school - looking forward to hearing more about that.

    Sometimes I think we need to look in the mirror more so we see ourselves for what we are . . . I can't tell you how many times we get to Wed night church and someone has dinner on their face! . . . of course, God's Word also is a mirror that sheds light on our "EEK" as well - but we won't preach that sermon now.

    I shall label this: "this one is way too long" (had to keep up with you, dear one!)

  2. its never way too long Corrie, reading this helps me to know what you all are experiencing. Helps me to know how to pray. And challenges me in my own thoughts, values, etc. Going to Texas tomorrow, talk about food for thought. How great that the kids are beginning school. Praying for their first day. I love you. miss you, and so appreciate your transparency.

  3. I miss you so much and I keep wanting to call you! Please tell the kids that Miss Katie is praying for them on their first day of school and that they will do an amazing job at making new friends! Sending prayers your way!
    Love you!