Tuesday, March 31, 2009


When writing on this blog, I have understood the idea that I write down thoughts, and then occasionally people comment and most I don't hear from and for sure, I don't see them....
Well, yesterday, I was busted.  I walked over to the campus where the group was staying and they started telling me that they had been on my blog in the office and enjoyed reading about them and seeing the picture and knowing how the birthday party/wildlife reserve day went.....   
I was so UGHHHH,  how embarrassing.... one never expects to see the people, at least not for months.....  They are a fun group (just in case they are reading this now) and were just giving me a hard time, but I was like,,,,, hehehe
Well, I guess if I am going to write down my confessions, it is okay for the group to know about it, huh????
God Bless

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  1. It's okay, dear one! Many of us would never have this experience b/c we aren't authentic enough. GOD has given you a real gift in your transparency . . . anyone who has ever read Hudson Taylor's journals knows he recorded MANY, MANY struggles he had - one could almost be "shocked" that he was a missionary. (only we read it generations later) . . . Yet GOD used him mightily b/c God needs us to be transparent in order to be intimate with Him. It's when we have what our pastor calls the "I've got it GOD" attitude that we run into real problems!

    I learned last week that "Fear not" is the most cited command in Scripture - wonder why that is?

    HUGS to you!