Sunday, March 29, 2009

a new church

This morning we went to a different church, a nigerian one, with our group, EMI.  The service started at 7:45am....  How about that for a morning service??!!  All of us women, including my two girls, wore head wraps, as is customary here in Nigeria.  I am not sure why nigerian women can wear beautiful head wraps and look very stylish and then when I put one on, I have just gained 15 pounds.... Who knows, maybe I have gained 15 pounds... I don't have a scale.  Anyway, here is proof of our nigerian morning....
 The church was great, lasting about 2 hours.  
The sermon was on Luke 22 when Jesus prays in the Garden the night when Judas betrays him.  It was such a great reminder of prayer and praying before temptation happens or praying while your marriage is still good or praying before your kids are wayward....  He reflected on his own life when it was easier to commit to praying when the crisis was at hand, not beforehand.  It encouraged John and I to have a prayer time tonight full of seeking Him before the temptation was at hand.  
We have four more days with this team and it has just helped John and I prepare for the summer groups when Jason and Emilee are not with us.  We are reminded to pray before the summer as it can appear daunting...  Everyone in Mexico who is reading this, know we miss you and your giftings....  But, God is good, and prayer grows us.
I am feeling super tired waiting for it to rain, I am going to bed.
God Bless!


  1. Ah! I get to be the first to comment. Cor you are such an amazing woman! I preached this morning at our church. We can't wait to get there!


    Dad & Leenie

  2. corrie and john, it sounds like everyone is healthy and happy over in jos! and by the picture, you still all look to have all 10 fingers and toes. i think of you daily and you are all in my prayers every night. i am glad that you were blessed with a group and i hope there are many more on their way! i know God has put you were He most needs you. (but that doesn't make us miss you less!)

    ps, the headwraps make you look like aunt jemima!

  3. We continue to pray for you. We had a very busy week, but it was truly wonderful! I would have adopted those young men, if I could have.

    We continue to pray for the work of your group there and are anxious to hear what they "conclude."

    I love the lady in the green's outfit. So beautiful - now if only I could sew, I could make you one! I know you aren't holding your breath for that! . . .

    Love to all! Hope you got some rest!

  4. Corrie,

    I LOVE the head wrap! It's a bit reminiscent of the 'pirate's scarf', but with FLAIR!

    Prayer that shores us up ... that reminds me of what's going on here (in the US) throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. The Red River crested today, between 12-22 feet above flood stage depending on where you live. People are pulling together and sand-bagging to protect their homes, their livelihood, their possessions and their towns. They are (we all are) praying 'in the moment' for protection and security in this crisis. If I understand your post, Christ is reminding us to pray before the storm, before the first cloud forms on the horizon! Just because we may be unaware of WHAT is approaching doesn't mean we have to be unprepared for it when it arrives, right? We can still be prepared through prayer.

    What an awesome reminder that is for me, as Mike and I feel like we've just weathered our storm. So we can take a deep breath, but not entirely relax because we still have some pre-prayer to accomplish for what's yet to come!

    Praying for you to soak in every moment of what God is showing you as you prepare and pre-prayer for the summer!

  5. oh what a fun picture! i really like sarah's wrap... hmm, it looks a bit familiar! well, you all look great and i am praying that you feel the lords great strength this week! tell john hello for me and that i miss painting for him!