Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Good Morning!!
I have such much to say today and I hope I remember it all because it is good!  First, I hope everyone knows how much we have been encouraged by your comments, your "following" and your emails.  It really does spur us on in moments of discouragement.  So thank you and please don't underestimate your impact on our calling!  
Okay, also, we have had some people asking about the kids schooling?  They are loving it.  They leave and want to get there early, then they tell me I can pick them up late (not on your life as far as I am concerned, this is my first time being without them ALL DAY), and they are making friends, enjoying the extras this school has, like gym, music, art, chapel, recess, etc....  Right now, they are adjusting to the longer day (they are really tired at night and in the morning which is good).  BUT, they are very thankful as John and I are as well.
Also, yesterday, for the first time in a couple of months, I ran.... oh, it felt so good to have that time to process and think again.  The Lord really uses that time in my life to talk to me, minister to me, bring His thoughts to my own.....  OH, okay, it might have been completely exhausting and challenging physically as well, but the pros really outweigh the cons.....
Anyway, as I was running yesterday the Lord was really showing me some things about His giftings in people's lives.
I want to write the words to a song that has been ministering to me since I have moved here, and I am so thankful for my friend, Lara, who has used her gifts in music and songwriting because I have been changed by it.  It is called 
Promise Me
Will you hold me close, till your strength is mine
Can you ease a troubled soul, an anxious mind
As you bear the weight of my heavy fears
Promise me without fail, you are always near

Will you speak a little louder, words I crave
Can the truth found in them make me brave
As you forge a path for us, I can't walk alone
Promise me I will reach out and find a hand to hold

Will you laugh in my joy, in my sorrow weep
Can I trade an injured heart for one that dares to dream
As you lead me faithfully to journeys' end
Promise me I will look back on a life well spent
Oh, Promise me I will look back on a life well spent

This song's original intent was to minister to a dear friend of hers that has been diagnosed with cancer and I pray with her for her.  BUt, I am overwhelmed with the last two lines...  Do you remember how I shared that even if my biggest fears happen, the Lord is still there?  I have a fear that at the end of my life, I will look back and see where I missed HIM, the Lord.  I want to live a life well spent!  Well, as I was thinking about the words to this song (oh and by the way, she has 5 new songs and each and everyone one of them I could have written here because they have all ministered in some way to me).  When here CD comes out, I am telling you all to buy it!!  Anyway, I had an opportunity to visit Lara right before I left for Africa and she was singing these for me and I was thinking about how much her sound has changed and how much her walk with the Lord was always maturing.  ANd it struck me yesterday running that the more we are in and using our giftings from Him, we will be walking and growing because we are becoming more and more of who the Lord has created us to be.  The more I use my gifts and grow in them, the more I will be naturally growing in the Lord....  Isn't that so easy, and yet so challenging at the same time?   If I am stagnent (sp?), then I bet I could look at my life and see a place I should be ministering in but am choosing not to.
My life will be well spent using what He has given me to use and looking at Him the whole time!  That is why I am choosing to live fearlessly.  I will not regret!  So, what are my giftings and how can they be used in AFrica, what are my kids giftings and how will they be used here, John's giftings, you get the idea??!!  I will let you know....
Oh man, I need to go, I have a ceremony to go to ( I cannot wait to show you a picture of me in my Nigerian head wrap)!
God Bless


  1. It is good to hear you energized by Our Savior and His Presence in Our Lives! Loved the song . . . do let me know when Lara's CD comes out. (you know after books, I love music).

    Just think some day in glory all these 53 or so followers will get to meet! Won't that be a blast?!

    We are all glad to hear the children are doing well! Praying that they each make a good friend.

    "He is your constant source of stability; He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom; He gives all this to those who fear Him." Isaiah 33:6 NET

  2. Cor,

    I wake up every day looking forward to being fed by your blog! You say exactly what I need to hear. You are a blessing to me in ways you cannot know. Thanks you so very much.



  3. So as I was working out this morning and praying for you guys one of the thoughts that crossed my mind was...."I wonder if Corrie is getting to run in Nigeria"...thanks for answering the question. One of the reasons I love to run is because I feel like God often speaks during that time. I'm still about a month or two away from running again (ankle still)...and missing that time with Him.

    Hang in there...sounds very exciting!!

  4. thanks for the heart and keeping me updated with what you are learning! You are a great blogger (seriously!!) i like that you hear God when you run because i do not... i feel like i am going to pass out! but God is funny in the ways he speaks isnt he? I hear him if i sit down and cut a bag of potatoes by myself! but i am encouraged by your willingness to persevere... keep running, in all aspects of your life! and i am stoked that the kids are having a blast at school... as it should be!

  5. have you ever had a friend that sees the best in you and believes in you...much more than you do yourself?...that's what you are for me! i love you! thank you for the encouragement!

    ...and were you serious about the african head wrap? if you come back to the states in a few years wearing that- we'll have to have a serious conversation!!!

  6. Corrie, Love that God is blessing you and growing you. You are so ripe as you are vulnerable. I pray that He continues to show His strength when you feel weak. That he grants to you His peace when fear and worry want to prevail. Love to here your kids are doing so well. I know that helps to feel more at home even when your house isn't quite there yet. Thanks again for sharing. I love the gifting that God has given you to communicate all you do. I ran today too and thought of you. One of the workers at the park keeps stopping me and asking if a want to run a 10 or 20K. He must think I'm you. Us americans all look alike you know. Love you sista.