Monday, March 23, 2009

lizards and groups and wives, oh my

Lizards - they are all over, hundreds of them everywhere.... people kept telling me that we would see such fun animals here like monkeys, etc... but nothing except lizards (okay, a goats too).  They are kind of cute though, yellow/red/blue ones, brown, black and we even have one in our home that we see at night that is white with little white spots.  What makes me laugh the most is John is kind of freaked out by them, but it is maybe the one amphibian I am not freaked out by....  They are just fun little fellows that are just around...

wives - okay, something I am learning is that men can have and do have more than one wife here.  Even believing men.  Now, the believing men who have really trusted the Lord and have felt that conviction rid themselves of the extra wives, but it is a challenge because of the culture is ingrained in their upbringing.  It is way out of my thinking box; however, after learning this I went to reading the old testament (just for reading) and it is so everywhere there.  It is just an amazing concept that it still takes place in some parts of the world.  John told me he thinks one wife is a challenge enough (I think he meant blessing enough) that he cannot imagine trying to keep up with more than one.....  hehe  Again, do not mishear me, it is not openly talked about and it is not necessarily common either, it is just what it is..... some have more than one.

groups - yes, the group is here and I am so excited.  I was so nervous.  In Mexico we have groups all year round, so I had been out of the routine of being around groups, but as soon as they got here, I was so energized and ready and wanted those conversations to take place about ministry, life, the Lord.....  I praise the Lord for his Spirit to reignite that in me!!!!  The group is going well and they are a great set of engineers that will really help get some planning underway.  One lady's family is from Jos and they are hosting us for dinner one night, isn't that nice?

One last though - power, I have learned that you can have no power for about 5 hours before anything goes bad in your fridge and if I put the generator on for about an hour, it is good again for 5 hours..... just some information to pass on to you....  however, we are thrilled that in the last three days, we are receiving about 12 hours of power a day..... that is about 10 hours a day more than what we were experiencing before....  Again, we thank the Lord for the luxury of it.

Okay, thanks for listening, God Bless


  1. Glad it's lizards and not SPIDERS, or we know you'd need lots of prayer!

    The children and I have discussed the multiple wives thing all through our study of the OT . . . don't think I could have done it. Especially like Esther - a husband with a harem! . . . that is an OH MY!

    So glad your group is going well - ours is too. Three delightful young men that our children are thoroughly enjoying (20, 21, and 23).

    PRAISE Him for the Power - of course, He is omnipotent, even over utilities :)

    “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8 NIV

  2. Corrie,

    Just a quick thought on your posting on polygamy. Like most any other Westerner, the thought really offends me. But in seminary I had a wonderful professor who really challenged us to think about what the Bible as a whole has to say, which seems to be that while having multiple wives isn't ideal because it naturally undermines equality between the sexes and, consequently, the value of women, at the same time it is better than divorce.

    For me, I am thankful that I am ministering in a country where monogamy is the rule, but if God were to call me to another culture...well, I really think this is an example of how Christ needs to change a culture, but at the same time I don't think men with multiple wives are necessarily living in sin or that they _should_ divorce their wives or that it is necessarily the most Christian thing to do.

    Just my unsolicited thoughts on the matter! I am so excited to be able to keep up on your ministry with the blog. Keep posting!

    Laurie Schiller

  3. Multiple wives were a very practical practice in the day when men were killed by wild animals, war, disease. It was the very primative way of protecting and caring for families. There was a shortage of men! Of course this does not justify current practice, but how many other traditions and practices do we follow without throughly questionning them? I am thankful contempory missionaries do not make the mistake of their forebearers of first "westernizing" the people they serve. I firmly believe our mission is to meet people on their turf and connect with them at the point of their need however basic it may be. Could it be that part of our task is to help them care for their families with basic needs of food and shelter? Maybe our task is to help them learn to cherish and love all members of their family as Jesus cherishes and loves us. By the way I speak as a Christian and as a family specialist. In our western world, when I was practicing as a family therapist I observed no two families were exactly alike. It is amazing to me that God created families in so many different ways. By our love they will know we are Christians. Eileen and I have six grown children all with different families. What a joy and wonder to celebrate our human creativity to be able to live successfuly in so many different family configurations.

    Dale E Guckenberger


  4. You make me laugh alot. Picturing John jumping from the lizard cracks me up. Sorry John. The comment about one wife is plenty makes me think of the proverb that says that is it better to live on the corner of the roof of a house than to live with a quarrelsome wife. Praise God for your electricity. He knows what you need. Groups too what a blessing you all are?