Friday, March 6, 2009

The Kids

Hey there,
I have had people ask me about how the kids are doing and how their tests went.  Well,  I thought I would let them respond personally with an answer to three questions....
1.  What has their favorite thing been living in Africa?
2.  What has been the hardest challenge or what surprised them?
3.  One prayer request.

To let you all know, the testing went wonderful, we will find out soon what the results were and John and I have been so pleased with how they have transitioned and how they are remaining so flexible with the changed schedule each day holds....  Thank you for your prayers for them.
okay, here they are:

1.  The new school that she might go to.  She likes the campus a lot.  
2.  Making friends has been a challenge so far.
3.  So of course, her prayer request is to get into school and to make friends (Clearly she is my social one)

1.  That there is some american food here (from a parents perspective, very expensive)
2.  Gus was super surprised how windy it was here in Jos.
3.  His prayer request is that he would make friends.

1.  She loves that there are soooo many potatos here for every meal.
2.  It has been a challenge being away from her friends.
3.  That she will make friends quickly.

Well, there you have it.... I sense they are missing the community in which they are coming from where the closest friends lived next door and were available to play almost all the time.  I also think they are getting tired of mom teaching; however, they are being troopers with it, staying positive in their studies and attitude.
John and I pulled out photo albums last night with the kids and just laughed remembering silly moments or recalling friendships that have changed us....  which by the way, thank you to all of you have made a photo album for us... we love them and we brought them all.  I would never have made them and yet I love them so much.
We love you all and God Bless!


  1. we are praying and miss you and the kids. our boys have gus moments alot. reminescing.

  2. Wow, Sounds like things are moving along. Finalized our flights today now hopefully our visa's will come back soon. We send them off tomorrow.

    The Texas Gucks

  3. So what happened to Sami's teeth?

  4. Wonderful to hear from the children. I've printed the list for each of our children so they know how to pray for their friends.

    It's going to be 70 today so we are off to Davidson Park . . . remember those days?

    Love to all!

  5. "hey sarah! have you found any dance places yet? how do you like your new house? how is it different in africa than mexico? it's been fun to see the pictures of where you live...i hope i can go there and see you soon. i miss you." -averi

  6. Our VISAs are on the way to the embassy, could know in a week if we are approved. Funny the VISA company said don't buy your tickets untill you have your VISA but in order to get your visa you must have tickets... chicken and the egg. We'll see what happens. Our love to all of you. Thanks for sharing your need list.

  7. The embassy has our visa applications