Saturday, March 14, 2009

One more day.... oops

Well, last night the kids and I did well....  they slept in their new beds and thoroughly enjoyed it!!  I had a productive night, got lots of ministry things done, read a little, did a little bible study, fell asleep!  All is well; however, this morning I received a phone call from John and we read the itinerary wrong (one of the first of many mistakes I imagine), Dain actually comes in early TOMORROW morning..... It said next to his time "(next day)"... we thought that meant the very next day, but we were not paying attention and it meant 2 next days.....    SOOOOO, we give the guards off every Sunday day, they will return tonight at 6pm.  The kids and I will go to church and maybe try to go out to a little lunch place and enjoy our afternoon.  You can pray for John though because he is saddened by the fact that he will not be here for the kids first day of school.
When asked what he was going to do today, he told me he and Jason were going to go to the mall and catch a movie....  I was so jealous!!!  Then, he was like, "seriously Corrie, are you kidding me???  THERE IS NO MALL OR THEATRE HERE!!!!"  hehe I forgot!  He is a funny guy....

Hey quick thought for the day, something I am gaining about myself living here, or answering people's questions about why I would bring my kids to Jos, Nigeria...?

I am choosing to not live foolishly (even though some might think it so), but fearlessly.  Do you recognize the difference with that statement?  I could protect myself and my children right out of His calling for our lives.... and I cannot pass that on to my children.  I choose to live fearlessly!  I am asking all of you to live fearlessly with me, please.  I see by so many you already do... the moment you say yes to God's calling you have chosen to do just that... live fearlessly, trusting Him with the details and the outcome.  BECAUSE even if my biggest fear takes place, EVEN IF... then God is still there and He will wipe me off of my floor and put me back together.....  I know deep thought for so early!  Something I am chewing on for myself I am sure....  
God bless your Sabboth,


  1. You are personifying one of my favorite Steve Camp quotations:
    "There's safety in complacency, but God is calling us out of our
    comfort zone into a life of complete surrender to the cross. To live
    dangerously is not to live recklessly but righteously. And it is
    because of God's radical grace for us that we can risk living a life of
    radical obedience for Him."

    (from Living Dangerously In The Hands Of God
    by Steve Camp)

    I'm showing my age since many may not know WHO Steve Camp is :))

    Praying for U!

  2. Cor,

    What a great adventure! You have with your comments and words been the inspiration I needed today. Thank you for this great gift!

  3. When we come I will send our actual itinery!
    We'll wait for you at the mall!



  4. you can tell by Dale's comments that John didn't fall to far from the tree. I'm curious about church. What does that look like? Is the worship anything like Mexico? Glad you all got to sleep well. It is a rainy, damp, "can't get warm" kind of day here.

  5. Corrie,

    I loved what you said about living fearlessly and not foolishly! I shared it on a message board for people with CSF leaks and wrote about MY experience with living fearlessly ... I thought I'd 'paste' my post here so you could see how your comment sparked my own remembrance of how God has woven that same thread into our lives as well!

    Here's my post:
    [B]I was telling Mike that part of what I've had to learn regarding his leak and my fears and the future was just what my friend Corrie said. I had to live fearlessly, trusting God with the MINUTEST details of Mike's health and the outcome. My biggest fear was that he would die as a result of this and that I'd be left to raise our children, alone. I had to learn, or rather see, that IF he did die, that God would not leave me or forsake me and that ultimately I would be 'OK'. Once I was able to accept that promise as my own, I was able to live fearlessly, not foolishly in regards to his health. I was able to receive that 'peace which passes all understanding', because I knew, regardless of the outcome, that we'd be OK. [/B]

    What a blessing your blog is for others to read! You all remain in our prayers! Love you, Laura Williams

  6. Living fearlessly takes strength that only can come from God. You are an example of fearless love and glory to everyone who knows you and those who will come to know you, like me. Blessing abounding to you and your family. Theresa Valliant (far side farms)

  7. Hi guys! I loved reading your blog posts and seeing some pics! The kids have changed so much since we met them last year! Dean and I are so excited about this new adventure God has you on! Can't wait to hear/read more!

  8. Corrie and family!! I just spent the last week in Mexico and heard from Kurt Kersey that you guys have a blog, needless to say, I have caught myself up in a matter of an hour or two. (:
    I love that you're thinking about the idea of living fearlessly. I came across a verse this morning that made me think about living in Nigeria.
    It's 1 Peter 3:6b in reference to being like Abraham's wife, Sarah in the context of submission. "And you are her children, if you do good and do not fear anything that is frightening." I'm reminded that there is a huge difference between finding aspects of a situation as somewhat frightful to living in fear which is not of God.
    Love you guys and can't wait to see you all