Thursday, March 17, 2011

SSE & the team

Yesterday as my mom and I were planning for our day with the team, we stopped in the new chicken coop and the beginning stages of the aquaponics test model.

SSE is our ministry that we partner with here in Jos. It stands for Self Sustaining Enterprises. They do an excellent job creating positions for those in the village that will actually benefit the village in the long run. The top two photos are of the new chicken coop (located in the same vicinity of the education center). Solomon is the main care giver for these chickens. He does so well.

The last two photos are of the test model of the aquaponics system. The team that is arriving today will be putting this together and they have actually done the research and another test model in Cincinnati.

This is a fish pond and a vegetation garden. The idea of this is that the one will feed the other which will create better nutrients for both. Pray for the set up here because our materials are different. We are grateful for the team arriving today because they have done the legwork and the trials and they are bringing some materials to help us be successful as much as we can on our end. If this achieves the goals we think it can, it will be such a blessing for this village on a larger scale. The fencing that you see around the pond is our version of fencing to keep the monkeys out of it. We hope anyway! We are really thankful for SSE and this team because their efforts benefit the village,
which in turn, benefits the orphans living in this village.

And all glory is the Lords!

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  1. You know you are in Africa when you're building fences to keep the monkeys out! Lots of love to the Guckenbergers