Friday, March 25, 2011

a full day

The team has come and gone and we couldn't have ended better.

I had the privilege to be on the last complete day. It was a full one. We started with visiting a future bridal shop, then we went to a prayer dedication service for the aquaponics test model that I was telling you about earlier. I was not into the details of this project, but I was really impressed with the outcome.

Literally, as they were pouring the fish into the small pond they had set up, they explained the process of how these two systems will feed itself and produce healthier vegetation and fish. These pictures hopefully can explain better what I cannot.

After this time of dedication, we went souvenir shopping, came home for lunch and then ended with a birthday party for the children of OLA. I loved it! Thanks to a friend from an earlier team, we were even able to attain a jumpy castle and they kids couldn't have been more thrilled. Thanks Bobby!

I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of this team and this day. To see these men spend time with these particular Fatherless brought tears to my eyes. Each person was assigned a child. They made sure "in the moment" they were their complete focus. So, as the kids opened up their birthday gift, they immediately had someone to play with or be excited for them. What a joy!

P.S. On a little side note, Kenny from OLA (Do you remember him? - about two years old?) was finally reunited with his mother who has been in Lagos completing her education. He left the orphanage on Saturday last week. As much as I was heartbroken to not have said goodbye, I was thankful that his mother, even if she could not visit over the last two years, truly did return for him when she was able to care for him in a way she desired. Praise God!

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