Sunday, March 6, 2011

sami carnival moments

Yesterday was Hillcrest's school carnival. They do one every spring to help the sophomore class raise funds for their senior trip. It was strange to think back two years prior and realize that the carnival was the first "Hillcrest" event we went to and it will also be our last official "Hillcrest" event we go attend.

Below is Sami trying out the zipline. After waiting an hour to have her turn, she gets to the top and realizes that she is actually scared and no longer wants to go down that way.... and of course, as any sophomore would communicate, according to Sami, "Mom, they said tough, this is the only way down. Get ready!" So, reluctantly she complied and down she went. In the end, she loved it and glad she participated.

Then Sarah, with her winning tickets bought red hair spray color dye. Sami was her second customer (really, my mom was her first customer with orange spray, but she wouldn't give us a photo... :)). Either way, she sure is cute, huh?

Carnival's are fun. I am glad we went.


  1. This reminds me of us watching all the kids on the zipline at bio parque get whiplashed when smacking into the tree! oh the days!

    p.s. i started a blog!

  2. just read through your recent blogs. it sounds like you've had some really special times lately. i'm so glad. i can't imagine how much those you've shared life with these past 2 years have come to love your wonderful family...