Monday, March 14, 2011


On Sunday evening, some of our closer, missionary friends here in Jos got together and had a fellowship dinner for us. I am getting worse at actually getting some good photos as I am trying to be "all present" with these things.

It was a blessing as well as a challenge to try to communicate what these past two years have meant to John and I and our family with each one of them. We truly have been gifted these friendships that we don't deserve, but we need desperately. Each of these families represent some aspect of who John and I are and who we have become due to their impact.

I actually am getting choked up thinking about it. Needless to say, goodbye's don't get easier. We are grateful for the ways the Lord has decided to extend His favor to our family and pray that we have been half of the blessing that others have been to us.

P.S. On a side note, yesterday was my last track practice and they had a huge card and photo and everyone wrote something very kind in it, ready to give me at the end of the practice. I was very touched by each of the students as they took the time to encourage me. Again, humbled by the Lord's grace and mercy towards me.

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  1. Corrie & John, I hope that you know the extent of which your friendships in Nigeria have reached and how those you have made afar have touched more than those but most if not all of us here too. God's mercies are great,no matter how they come.