Tuesday, March 29, 2011

drop ins

It is customary when someone is moving away to drop in to say your goodbyes. Our last few days has been just that. Lots of nigerians making their way to our front gate to communicate friendship and safe journeys. There are stories with each one of these pictures, but for the sake of time, just know that these friends that are photographed here (and more that we didn't think to get their picture) are our friends and we are thankful!

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  1. Corrie, I LOVE this tradition and it says so much to how GOD has used you and John in you r community and the love that is felt for you and your family! Please come and rub off on me! I need the relational effesis ( can't for the LIFE of me think how to spell this) of the african culture and the leaning of the Lord in my life. You will need it as you cross into this culture that puts importance on the craziest stuff! Continuing praying for your transition. Please call when you get here and the kids will play and I'd love to hear more stories!