Friday, March 4, 2011

old woman

Yesterday was one of my longest days here, ever! Don't get me wrong, not hard, excruciating long :::: just packed a lot in one day hard! By the time the day was over, I felt that I was an old woman.

The day began with FIELD DAY!! Yes, after last years, yellow lightening bolts, I tackled the once again dubious title as field day leader. BUT, this year we were the yellow tazers! Yes, that is right, we will rock you, shock you, phase you, taze you. :)

It is amazing how easily we can forget how tiring certain things can be when they are done only once a year! But we had a lot of fun exhausting ourselves while participating in varying activities and encouraging not only our own teammates, but the other teams as well.

Straight from that was a goodbye party for myself and Sami hosted by the third grade moms. These moms have been such a connection for me the entire time living here in Jos. I am so grateful for them, their encouragement, advice and tons of laughter. I truly say with a pure heart that I love them. I have shared a big part of my life with them and will leave a more whole, complete person because of these ladies.

Now, wait, the day is not over. After sweating, burning, laughing, crying, sharing and other emotions and physical activities that took place all before three o'clock, I then quickly raced over to coach track practice. That lasted a couple of hours and then FINALLY was able to return home with Sami and a friend who was going to spend the night. Sarah had her own sleepover at a friend's house that I later found out was actually a surprise party for her that her 6th grade girls were hosting in her honor. I am praying she was nothing but blessed.

Either way, by the time I fell into bed I was realizing that I started the day as a 38 year old woman who went to bed feeling 70! All in a day's work, right, and all worth it!

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